Existing Buildings Sustainability Consulting Services

We offer Existing Buildings Sustainability Consulting Services to our building owner and property management clients. enabling teams to fulfill on their green building objectives. Our services flexible to meet the needs of our clients and range from setting specific performance objectives to meeting the requirements of green building rating systems and codes. We are highly focused on providing education and superior tools to our teams to ensure the project is step up for success.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design - Existing Buildings, Operations & Maintenance (LEED-EBOM)

We provide LEED for Existing Buildings, Operations and Maintenance Certification consulting services to building owners and operators. LEED-EBOM is a valuable tool for benchmarking and monitoring building environmental performance. We assist our clients to understand the operational impacts and financial return associated with sustainable building operations.

ENERGY STAR Benchmarking & Certification Services

We offer ENERGY STAR benchmarking services to provide building owners and operators with effective strategies for on-going energy management. We benchmark energy and water consumption data to understand the energy saving opportunities of a building or a portfolio of buildings. We assist our clients in receiving EPA recognition for superior energy performance.

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