Our project experiences ranges across building and project delivery types. We are highly focused on providing superior leadership to project teams to integrate sustainable design and construction throughout a building's design, construction, and operations. We utilize innovative strategies to optimize building performance and project delivery. We get involved in every phase of a building's life and assist our clients to meet their sustainability goals.

Featured Projects

Policy & Government Support

ZNE Policy Development for the City of Palo Alto

The seal of San Mateo, CA

Palo Alto, California

As a strategy consultant to the City of Palo Alto, ID360 is working with city staff to set future policy ambitions for Zero Net Energy ahead of the State of California targets for future code cycles corresponding to the California Building Code. ID360 has supported the City with technical expertise in green building policy development to successfully develop and implement the current Green Building Ordinance and Energy Reach Code Ordinance. ID360 supports staff in communicating and coordinating with State agency requirements related to policy development.

Green Building and Energy Policy Development for the City of San Mateo

San Mateo, California

ID360 Project Green Building and Energy Policy Development for the City of San Mateo

ID360 is working with city staff and stakeholders to create a green building and energy policy to comply with the requirements within the City of San Mateo Climate Action Plan. The policy will focus on sustainability elements related to the built environment as outlined in the Climate Action Plan. The Climate Action Plan outlines progressive measures related to the built environment concerning renewable energy, energy efficiency, electric vehicle (EV) charging, and outdoor water efficiency. ID360 has been working with staff to realize the goals of the Climate Action Plan.

Electrification Study

Palo Alto, California

ID360 is supporting the Development Services department within the City of Palo Alto to conduct a feasibility study to explore residential and commercial building code changes for new construction and remodeling projects to expedite electrification in Palo Alto. Electrification is the concept of “fuel-switching” from gas to electricity. ID360 is providing technical project management and analysis consulting services to support Development Services in conducting the feasibility study. ID360 is collaborating with two other firms to determine the technical implementation and cost-effectiveness of electrification for building projects in Palo Alto.

Green Building Program Development and Management Services

City of Palo Alto Green Building Program

An infographic of the City of Palo Alto Green Building Program supported by Integrated Design 360 in San Carlos and the San Francisco, CA area

Palo Alto, California

ID360 is working with the City of Palo Alto to ensure the highest quality control and implementation management for the roll-out and enforcement of the Green Building Program. ID360 supports an interdepartmental group of staff stakeholders to ensure the green building and energy policy is enforced properly on projects during the Planning, Plan Check, Inspection, and Post-Occupancy phases. ID360 has developed a customized program to sync with the entitlement process and Development Services processes and procedures.

Vantage Data Centers

Santa Clara, California

ID360 worked with Vantage Data Centers to streamline the green building goal setting and LEED implementation protocol for their portfolio of data centers. ID360 worked with Vantage’s senior management to roll out a series of procedures for incorporating sustainable design criteria into the typical delivery of a data center facility.

Building Design and Construction Projects

Broadway Plaza Redevelopment Project

The Broadway Plaza Redevelopment Project completed by the green building consultants at Integrated Design 360 in San Carlos, CA

Walnut Creek, California

ID360 provided LEED certification technical assistance services to Mechanical Design Studio (MDS), the engineer of record for the Broadway Plaza Redevelopment Project. The existing Broadway Plaza complex is a 64-year-old shopping center in Walnut Creek, California. The 475,000 square foot redevelopment project will include the addition of new retail, expanded parking, enhanced pedestrian spaces, and better traffic access. The project is pursuing LEED Core & Shell Certification through the Green Building Certification Institute.

Richmond High School Modernization Project

Richmond, California

ID360 provided design assistance and technical support to Baker Vilar Architects in meeting the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) criteria for the Richmond High School Modernization in the West Contra Costa Unified School District. The project includes a new 22,000 square-foot gymnasium and a new 30,000 square-foot classroom building. The project has been designed using the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) New Construction and Major Modernization Criteria. The district is pursuing the High Performance Incentive Program grant by means of using the CHPS Verification Program.

Walsh Avenue Campus

ID360 Project Walsh Avenue Campus

Santa Clara, California

We have worked with Vantage Data Centers to design the Walsh Avenue Campus to meet aggressive sustainable design goals. Integrated Design 360 has worked with peer consultants to develop a sustainability program using the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System as a guideline. As part of the LEED Certification effort, the project has incorporated responsible site development practices, water-saving strategies, energy-saving design measures, efficient material selection, and low-toxic building materials.

Vantage Data Centers is pursuing a LEED Platinum Certification rating for each of the buildings. The first building, V3, has earned LEED Platinum certification. The project has reported a measured Power Utilization Effectiveness (PUE) of 1.29. The other two buildings, V1 and V2, are currently under construction and also have a LEED Platinum goal.

2114-2116 Broadway

Redwood City, California

ID360 acted as the green building consultant to the The Kastrop Group, Inc. for the renovation project located at 2114-2118 Broadway Street in Redwood City, California. The building is approximately 12,000 square feet and the project contains both retail and office space. ID360 provided support to The Kastrop Group in meeting requirements of the City of Redwood City Building Department which requires that the project meet the California Green Building Code (CALGreen).

142 Stambaugh

Redwood City, California

ID360 supported the E.A. Davidovits, Inc team in meeting the CALGreen compliance requirements for the design and construction of a tenant improvement within a commercial building in Redwood City, California. Integrated Design 360 LLC provided technical support to incorporate sustainable design strategies to the project team in meeting the requirements outlined with the California Green Building Code (CALGreen) Checklist.

H. Allen Hight Learning Center

The H. Allen Hight Learning Center developed with the sustainable building services of Integrated Design 360 in San Carlos, CA

Sacramento, California

The H. Allen Hight Learning Center is 210,000 square foot elementary and middle school located in Sacramento, CA. The school serves the fast-growing area of Natomas. The project was designed and built using the Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) green building rating system.

The campus was designed with 8-inch thick tilt-up concrete construction. This feature, in combination with the high-efficiency HVAC system, helped the project exceed the Title 24 Energy Code by more than 30%. The buildings feature creative space design to promote a collaborative learning environment. The pre-fabricated window wall system provides optimal daylight into the space reducing the need for artificial light. The project team created cost-effective design solutions for the school district with energy efficiency and operational costs in mind.

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