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ID360 is a green building consulting company serving clients throughout the United States. We assist clients in setting specific environmental building objectives and managing teams to create results. We use calculated and proven techniques to lead teams to achieve energy efficient and environmentally responsible goals.

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We work with project teams and operations staff to integrate sustainable building strategies into the design, construction, and operational process. We support teams by facilitating the implementation of green building rating systems, codes, standards, and tools to work towards achieving environmental goals.

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Five Years of Green Building: ID 360 Turns Five!

Wed Aug 10 2016

Summer of 2016 is a big deal here at Integrated Design 360 — it’s our five-year anniversary! The green building industry has, as a whole, grown tremendously over the past five years, and so have we[…]

LEED Pilots Legal Wood

Thu Jul 7 2016

LEED has recently introduced a pilot credit to that aims to help eliminate illegally sourced wood from the supply chain. LEED has always rewarded leadership in sourcing materials and this new pilot credit does not replace LEED’s existing certified wood credit. The vast majority of new LEED buildings have not pursued this credit, however. This new pilot credit offers an alternate […]

Making Concrete Green

Thu Jul 7 2016

Concrete is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of green building materials, but given that concrete is the most common building material in the world, making the concrete manufacturing process greener is extremely important. Manufacturing the portland cement that binds concrete together is a serious CO2 emitter and energy consumption hog, and replacing a portion of portland cement […]