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ID360 is a green building consulting company serving clients throughout the United States. We assist clients in setting specific environmental building objectives and managing teams to create results. We use calculated and proven techniques to lead teams to achieve energy efficient and environmentally responsible goals.

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We work with project teams and operations staff to integrate sustainable building strategies into the design, construction, and operational process. We support teams by facilitating the implementation of green building rating systems, codes, standards, and tools to work towards achieving environmental goals.

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ID360 Projects Walsh Avenue Campus Aerial

Walsh Avenue Campus

Santa Clara, California

ID360 Projects HAllen Hight Learning Center

H. Allen Hight Learning Center

Sacramento, California


US Navy Partners with CA Energy Commission for Renewable Energy

Tue Nov 15 2016

On October 12th, the US Navy and the CA Energy Commission signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) formalizing a partnership that supports Navy and Marine Corps development of alternative energy sources and sustainable energy projects. […]

Palo Alto’s Road to NZE at Greenbuild

Tue Oct 4 2016

ID 360 Principal Melanie Jacobson will be moderating “The Road to ZNE: City of Palo Alto Case Study” at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo. This panel discussion will look at the background and implementation of the City of Palo Alto’s Green Building Vision and Net Zero Energy Roadmap. […]

BREEAM Crosses the Pond: British Green Building Certification Comes to the US

Mon Oct 3 2016

In the United States, LEED reigns supreme when it comes to green building certification, but BREEAM , a twenty-five-year old British certification system, is migrating to the US. The consulting firm BuildingWise is leading the effort to bring BREEAM to the American market.Trainings in the principles of the program began in August. The BLOC, a city-block renovation project in Downtown Los Angeles […]

Green Roofs: Utilizing Wasted Space

Fri Sep 2 2016

Most roofs in a city are covered in asphalt or black tar, reflecting heat and adding little to increase the city’s inhabitants’ quality of life. Green roofs, also known as living roofs take all that otherwise underutilized space and turn it into[…]

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