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ID360 is a green building consulting company serving clients throughout the United States. We assist clients in setting specific environmental building objectives and managing teams to create results. We use calculated and proven techniques to lead teams to achieve energy efficient and environmentally responsible goals.

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We work with project teams and operations staff to integrate sustainable building strategies into the design, construction, and operational process. We support teams by facilitating the implementation of green building rating systems, codes, standards, and tools to work towards achieving environmental goals.

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ID360 Projects Walsh Avenue Campus Aerial

Walsh Avenue Campus

Santa Clara, California

ID360 Projects HAllen Hight Learning Center

H. Allen Hight Learning Center

Sacramento, California


Green Recovery: The Sustainable Disaster Response Council

Sun Apr 16 2017

Disaster response and recovery is a complex and costly operation. Disaster response and property restoration firms, the insurance industry, architects and builders, property owners, and representatives of government agencies and NGO’s have to work together on a process […]

Renewable Energy in Red States: Wind Power in the Plains

Fri Mar 24 2017

While green energy is usually considered a liberal issue, some Republican states are warming up to renewable energy, particularly wind power […]

2016 and Beyond: China Is Set to Become the World-Wide Leader in Renewable Energy

Thu Feb 23 2017

Amid uncertainty about the future of green energy in the US under a Trump Administration, China is on the verge of cementing its place as the world leader in green energy investment and development[…]

Green Building in a Trump Administration

Tue Jan 17 2017

As a peaceful transfer of power looms on the horizon, the green building industry faces an uncertain future. The president elect is openly hostile to climate change […]

And the 2016 Energy Champion Award goes to... Palo Alto’s Development Services Department

Wed Jan 4 2017

The City of Palo’s Development Services Department received the 2016 Energy Champion Award from the California Energy Efficiency Industry Council (CEEIC) […]

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