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ID360 is a green building consulting company serving clients throughout the United States. We assist clients in setting specific environmental building objectives and managing teams to create results. We use calculated and proven techniques to lead teams to achieve energy efficient and environmentally responsible goals.

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We work with teams to integrate sustainability, environmental, and climate change mitigation principles into everyday practice. Our work impacts policy, codes, building design, construction, and operational process. We support teams by facilitating the implementation of functional systems related to sustainability, climate change, energy efficiency and green building into practice.

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ID360 Projects Walsh Avenue Campus Aerial

Walsh Avenue Campus

Santa Clara, California

ID360 Projects HAllen Hight Learning Center

H. Allen Hight Learning Center

Sacramento, California


Putting a Price on Carbon: The Social Cost of Carbon? Cap and Trade? Carbon Tax?

Wed Jan 31 2018

Carbon is the leading cause of global climate change, and carbon pricing offers a tangible, financial penalty greenhouse gas emissions. According to many economists, climate change is a “market failure.”Society at large bears the cost of emitting CO2, while the polluters accrue the benefits […]

Renewable Energy (More or Less) Survives the GOP Tax Bill

Fri Jan 19 2018

While some GOP lawmakers in the House and Senate wanted to kill federal subsidies for electric vehicles, wind, and solar power, the final version of the tax bill keeps the wind Production Tax Credit (PTC), the solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC), and the electric vehicle tax credit. The bill does kill the nuclear and “other” technology credits […]

California’s Fight Against Climate Change: Creating an Economic Boom in the Inland Empire

Wed Sep 27 2017

Researchers at UC Berkeley and Berkeley Law, in a study commissioned by the nonprofit Next 10, found that California’s efforts to fight climate change added 41,000 jobs and $9.1 billion to the Inland Empire’s economy from 2010-2016. Many of these jobs were construction jobs that came from one-time construction investments […]

CA Bill to Provide Financial Incentives to Get More Californians Behind the Wheel of a Electric Car

Fri Aug 4 2017

When the federal government drops the ball on climate change, California is eager to step up to the plate. From fighting for the Clean Air Act Waiver to aiming for 100 percent renewable energy by 2045 […]

California Plans for 100% Clean Energy by 2045

Mon Jul 24 2017

SB 100, a bill that mandates that the state will receive all its power from sources that do not produce carbon emissions by the year 2045, came one step closer to becoming a law […]

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